Powder Metal Process

Powder Metal Process after sintering: 

The advantage of powder metal process is that parts with complex shapes can be produced economically. However, due to the shrinkage or expansion of the parts during sintering, the size of the parts after sintering is often still not as required.

  • Powder Metal Process Methods: 

Powder metal process methods such as turning, grinding, and shaping must be used to meet the drawing and size requirements.

In addition, the surface or interior of some parts also need to be processed to meet the requirements.

These process include sandblasting, vibration grinding, Heat treatment, blackening, copper infiltration, oil infiltration, resin impregnation, CNC machining, etc.

  • Powder Metal Process Introduction: 
  1. Sizing: Or called correction, shaping; it is to put the sintered part into a mold or jig to press to make its roundness, flatness, parallelism, inner diameter, outer diameter or some dimensions more accurate.
  2. Re-pressing and re-sintering: General powder metal products can only reach about 90% of the density. In order to improve the compact and mechanical properties parts. The double-pressing and double-sintering can be used to increase the density again.
  3. Heat treatment:  The heat treatment is the same as general iron products, including nitriding, solid solution and precipitation.  But the biggest difference is that the powder gold parts have pores, and heat treatment can make the pores the same properties as the surface.
  4. Hardening:  When carbon is contained in the work, the heat treatment method of quenching and tempering can be used to improve its hardness and strength.
  5. Copper Infiltration: Copper infiltration is a common method. After the copper is melted, the pores in the sintered body are used to draw the copper liquid into the part. This method can increase the density to 7.5 g/cm3
  6. Immersion Resining
  7. Joining
  8. CNC Machining: Machining
  9. Tumbling
  10. Sandblasting
  11. Electroplating
  12. Blackening
  13. Oil seepage
  14. Ultrasonic cleaning

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Additional Resource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powder_metallurgy