Powder Metallurgy

Powder Metallurgy 

Powder Metallurgy  is a processing method that uses metal powder as a raw material to form various products through pressing and sintering. The powder metal process consists of three main steps which mixing, forming and sintering.

Powder metal technology is an important material preparation and forming technology, which is known as the key to solving high-tech and new material problems. It is an advanced technology for high-efficiency, high-quality, precise and  low-consumption manufacturing parts.

In the 1980s, many industries especially the automobile industry are relied on powder metal technology more than ever.

In order to expand the application range of powder metal parts, it is necessary to increase its density to obtain powder metal  parts with excellent mechanical properties.

Powder Metal process:

  1. Mixing: Mix different metal powders with lubricants.
  2. Press: powder into the mold for compression molding.
  3. Forming: After forming, the powder does not have enough binding force. It needs to be sintered to reach its hardness and physical properties. The sintering temperature is below the melting point of the main constituent metals. And the sintering time is about 20-40 minutes

Powder Metal Company: 

Pao Yue was established in 1980 as a small plant in Taiwan Tainan city. With rapid growth, the company successfully became an international professional powder metallurgy manufacturer. Today, we are a pioneer in powder metallurgy globally and We offer a “one-stop” end to end solution for our customers.

Powder Metal Application:

  1. Locking Structure Component
  2. Stainless Steel parts
  3. Steam treatment and Black Oxide
  4. Automobile & Motorbike Component Series
  5. Oil Pump Parts
  6. Clutch Parts
  7. Shifting Parts
  8. Transmission Gear Parts
  9. Seat Adjustment Parts
  10. Transmission Parts
  11. Power Tool Parts
  12. Industrial Machinery Component
  13. Oiliness Bearing Parts
  14. Belt Pulley
  15. Transmits Gear Parts
  16. Sprocket
  17. Hardware parts
  18. Pepper Mill Parts
  19. Outdoor Activities
  20. Sinter-Hardened Parts
  21. Office Equipment Parts


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