Powder Metallurgy vs Metal Injection Mold

Powder Metallurgy vs Metal Injection Mold

50-100pm Powdered Particle Size 2-15pm
92% (Max) Relative Density >95-99%
2-20mm Wall Thickness 0.30 -10mm
Medium Component Complexity High
1-1,000g Weight 0.01-200g
0.1-2.0% Tolerance 0.3-0.5%

Choosing Between Powder Metal and MIM:

  1. MIM is excellent for complex shapes 
  2. MIM requires high temperatures to sinter
  3. MIM parts go through approximately 25% shrinkage
  4. MIM is expensive

Powder Metallurgy Basics:

  1. Begin with blending or mixing specific types of metal powders and lubricants.
  2. Place the mix in a die to create a certain shape.
  3. Use a press to compact the metal powder tightly.
  4. Sinter the compressed part in a furnace to form metallurgical bonds in the metal powder.

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