Powder Metal Materials

Powder Metal  Materials: 

  • Each powder metal material particle is an alloy comprised of the desired chemical composition
  • Powder Metal Material is used for alloys that cannot be formulated by mixing elemental powders
  • Common powder metal materials:   Stainless steels, Certain copper alloys and High speed steel. 

Power Metal Material List: 

Material  By Percent  Complete Code For Material, Composition & Minimum Strength 
Powder Metal  Broze  Cu-90, Sn-10  CT-1000-13
PM Nickel-Sliver Cu-64, Ni-18, Zn-18  CNC-1818-17
PM Nickel-Sliver Cu-64, Ni-18, Zn-18, Pb-2 CNZP-1816-13
PM Brass Cu-90, Zn-10  CZ-1000-11
PM Brass Cu-78, Zn-20, Pb-2  CZP-2002-12
PM Iron  Fe, 99, C-0.2 F-0000-20
PM Steel  Fe, 99, C-0.8 F-0008-35
PM Copper Steel p Fe, 96, Cu-2, C-0.8 FC-0208-60
PM Nickel Steel  Fe, 96, Ni-2, C-0.5 FN-0205-35
PM Infiltrated Iron  Fe, 78, Cu-20  FX-2000-25
PM lnfiltrated Steel  Fe, 77, Cu-20, C-0.8  FX-2008-60
PM Phosphorus Iron  Fe, P-0.45 FY-4500-20W
PM Stainless Steel  AISI 316 (modified) SS-316N1-25
PM Stainless Steel  AISI 410 (modified)  
PM 4600 Steel (prealloyed) AISI 4600  (modified), C-0.5 FL-4605-45
PM 4200 Steel (hybrid low-alloy)  AISI 4200  (modified), Ni-1.5, C-0.5  FLN-4205-40

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