Powder Metal Materials

Powder Metal Material

Powder Metal  Materials: 

  • Each powder metal material particle is an alloy comprised of the desired chemical composition
  • Powder Metal Material is used for alloys that cannot be formulated by mixing elemental powders
  • Common powder metal materials:   Stainless steels, Certain copper alloys and High speed steel. 

Power Metal Material List: 

Material  By Percent  Complete Code For Material, Composition & Minimum Strength 
Powder Metal  Broze  Cu-90, Sn-10  CT-1000-13
PM Nickel-Sliver Cu-64, Ni-18, Zn-18  CNC-1818-17
PM Nickel-Sliver Cu-64, Ni-18, Zn-18, Pb-2 CNZP-1816-13
PM Brass Cu-90, Zn-10  CZ-1000-11
PM Brass Cu-78, Zn-20, Pb-2  CZP-2002-12
PM Iron  Fe, 99, C-0.2 F-0000-20
PM Steel  Fe, 99, C-0.8 F-0008-35
PM Copper Steel p Fe, 96, Cu-2, C-0.8 FC-0208-60
PM Nickel Steel  Fe, 96, Ni-2, C-0.5 FN-0205-35
PM Infiltrated Iron  Fe, 78, Cu-20  FX-2000-25
PM lnfiltrated Steel  Fe, 77, Cu-20, C-0.8  FX-2008-60
PM Phosphorus Iron  Fe, P-0.45 FY-4500-20W
PM Stainless Steel  AISI 316 (modified) SS-316N1-25
PM Stainless Steel  AISI 410 (modified)  
PM 4600 Steel (prealloyed) AISI 4600  (modified), C-0.5 FL-4605-45
PM 4200 Steel (hybrid low-alloy)  AISI 4200  (modified), Ni-1.5, C-0.5  FLN-4205-40

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寶鎰工業股份有限公司創立於1980年,公司位於台灣台南。自成立以來發展穩定且持續成長,也由於產品的應用廣泛及其功能的便捷性受到顧客的支持與愛顧,早己是國際間知名的專業粉末冶金生產製商提。 自創業至今,歷經數十年之努力經營,寶鎰展現了雄厚的研發能力,產品已成功 跨足汽機車、消費性電子、電動工具、工業、辦公事務設備、家電、航太科技與綠能等領域. 公司除了擁有完善的設備製造能力,產品的安全性也朝向ISO及國際的規範,並外銷至中東、東南亞、中南美洲及歐洲等全球。同時成立實驗室和客戶的反饋,秉持著二十四小時回覆的理念,為客戶提供最好的服務。 Pao Yue was established in 1980 as a small plant in Taiwan Tainan city. With rapid growth, the company successfully became an international professional powder metallurgy manufacturer. Today, we are a pioneer in powder metallurgy globally and We offer a “one-stop” end to end solution for our customers. On top of our diverse equipment manufacturing abilities, our products are driven towards ISO and international regulations and export globally covering countries such as Middle East, South East Asia, Central and South America and Europe. With tens of thousands parts sold worldwide, our leading market share is reflected on our drive for customer service; top of the line laboratories and 24 hours after service.


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