Powder Metal Gear

Powder Metal Gear to be used in application of high strength, long wear and dimensional consistency. Why Powder Metal Gear :

  1. Powder Metal Gears tooth forms are pressed in from a precision Die and not cost of sharing the teeth. It’s very cost-effective.
  2. Forming the gear tooth in a precision Die means excellent part to part consistency
  3. The gear tooth can be formed as customized  and the root radius formed for maximum strength fully in the precision Die, no secondary needed.
  4. Helical gears are possible with up to a 20 degree helix angle
  5. Powder Metal Gears can be thru-hardened, and based upon the density and raw material type, also case hardened


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粉末冶金 英文 Powder Metallurgy

粉末冶金 英文Powder Metallurgy 英文中文對照表:

應用領域 英文 中文
鑄造學 powder metallurgy 粉末冶金;粉末冶金術
礦冶工程名詞 powder metallurgy 粉末冶金學
礦物學名詞 powder metallurgy 粉末冶金術
核能名詞 powder metallurgy 粉末冶金
航空太空名詞 powder metallurgy 粉末冶金
機械名詞 powder metallurgy 粉末冶金
電工名詞 powder metallurgy 粉末冶金
化學工程名詞 powder metallurgy 粉末冶金[]
物理學名詞 powder metallurgy 粉末冶金學
電機工程 powder metallurgy 粉末冶金

More Information: www.paoyuebrands.com

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Reference: 國家教育研究院